About Bonnie Rovics

Bonnie Rovics, Owner of Deep Touch Massage, is Licensed and Certified in Oriental Bodywork Therapy (Shiatsu and Sotai) and is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Massachusetts. Bonnie completed her primary studies at the East West Institute of Alternative Medicine, the Boston Shiatsu School, and interned with Chinese Herbal Master B.J. Wang, owner of E. Shan Tang. She has continued her studies in Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular massage techniques, among others. She has been working with prenatal and postnatal massage for the past 17 years, and has helped many women through pregnancy and postpartum health, as well assisting in a bunch of labors, and attending a number of births as a Massage Doula.

Bonnie has been a therapist for over twenty years. In that time she worked in a Complimentary Medical Office with Naturopathic Doctor Julie Weiner, Acupuncturist Steven Cina and Chiropractic Doctor Mitchell Simon and has worked with Boston Corporate Massage as primary site manager.

Bonnie runs an organic catering and wellness business geared towards corporate health and local farm to table events in Boston,  she has worked as a personal chef, farm to table wedding and event planner, she head chefs a number of large festivals cooking for 100-500 guests  and incorporates her knowledge of food and nutrition into her bodywork. She is still referred to patients by the above doctors, as well as a number of other medical professions in the Boston area.

As a skilled therapist she has worked with everything from autoimmune diseases, hip replacement rehabilitation, debilitating repetitive stress injuries, FMS, difficult pregnancies to digestive issues and high blood pressure. She is a highly reputed therapist with many referrals in the alternative and western medical fields. Ms. Rovics is renowned for her deep pressure and ability to pinpoint the core issues, as well as help with down to earth counsel to make the life changes necessary for healing oneself.