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Deep Touch Prenatal and Therapeutic Massage

Hours of Operation: 


Monday 2-8pm

Tuesday 2-8pm

Wednesday 9-2pm

Thursday 2-8pm

Friday 9-2pm

Saturday 12-4pm (typically we are only open 2 saturdays a month)


Making an appointment in advance is best,  we rarely take last minute appointments.

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if you have questions feel free to call 617-522-3344

You can pay directly through our online booking site and we also take Cash, Check, Venmo, and Paypal


Massage Rates at Jamaica Plain Home Office

90 Minute Prenatal Intake and Massage $130 

(Pre-Natal intake sessions are typically around 90 minutes long, if you cannot afford an initial 90 minute session please let us know)

60 Minute Prenatal follow up sessions $95

Postpartum Massage $110 (75 minute)

Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Integrative Therapy

$99 an hour

$130 for 90 minutes

5 Hour Treatment Block – Prepaid: $440

10 Hour Treatment Block – Prepaid: $850

Doula massage for labor and birth: $150 an hour + travel if out of the immediate area.


Deep Tissue and Sotai Isolated Injury Massage

This is a much deeper form of massage, working on a specific injury and may involve a light form of japanese release, similar to some trigger based physical therapies.

$60 for 30 minutes injury specific

$80 for 30 minutes Sotai



Healthy Cooking Classes: $150-$250 per person/ per session, includes groceries, may be costs reduction for groups.


Home Delivered Massage

Intake and Single Treatments: $150 Hour


  • Extra charge for isolated injury massage
  • Extra charge if more than a 20 minute drive
  • We do not offer home delivery through online booking, this must be done directly by email or phone.


Affordable Massage
-offered at  Jamaica Plain office, unless transportation means are unavailable.

Up to 1/3 of clients will be accepted as available for affordable massage.
Qualified candidates are welcome to request lower rates. We deeply believe in access to care for everyone! If our rates are way out of your budget or will affect your ability to come in as often, please take the time to sit down with us and talk about what will work.

Single Treatments: $65


Corporate Chair and Table Massage

3 hour minimum, we only use therapists with skill and experience, we do not bring entry level massage therapists in. Our rates start at $400 for 3 hours, plus travel and parking.



BodyPlay Workshops

Workshop rate of $200 +  an hour depending on number of attendees. (we strive to have one therapist for every 20 attendees at the very least).

BodyPlay is a workshop teaching basic – intermediate massage for the untrained person. Safe touch, weight and pressure, basic techniques, how not to tire out, ways to use feet and elbows and so much more! for a full description or to book a Bodyplay workshop at your school, event, festival or training program please contact us at