Do you have any specialities

Yes – I am well known for my work with rehabilitation from range of motion restrictions, the kind of stagnancy of musculature that occurs through scar tissue adhesions after injuries.
I am also known for my work with migraines, fibromyalgia, and severe neck tension.

My work and Fibromyalgia

To be honest, it is still a bandaid much of the time. FMS varies from person to person, some people with FMS are so sensitive to touch that the work has to be centered almost completely on a very light touch of acupressure, some can take and thrive from very deep muscular work and need that release of tension. I was lucky to have had the experience of working with alternative specialists for 3 years and gained some real insight into Fibro. There are many things that help and we try to piece together and try different methods. With my Fibro clients I start out light and increase touch as we see the reaction of your body. Adding to that a protocol of specific Acupressure points that often help, liver cleansing, kidney tonification, opening the lungs.. often my work can at least lessen the frequency and intensity of the flare ups, exhaustion, headaches and pain associated with FMS.